Grooming Products

  • Beard Anti-Frizz is a soft lotion a new technology to eliminate puffiness of stubborn beard and static electricity. calm and relax your frizzy beard • achieve a smooth, fresh look formula non-greasy with natural agents of plant origin. combing beard and mustache recommended for up to 8 continuous benefits lasts all day. 2.2 oz.

  • Tequila After Shave is an antiseptic product is designed to protect the skin from shaving. It is made with 40-degree organic tequila alcohol that avoids the irritability of traditional shaving process. soothes, refreshes and prevents infection from minor cuts after shaving creating a layer of protection around the follicle avoiding ingrowing after shaving. softening the skin and repairing possible damage from the razor. DO NOT DRINK. 4.2 oz.

  • Lustre oil 100% Organic Extracts is a styling treatment providing light-weight shine and protection for the hair. Moroccan argan Oil moisturizes and seals the hair shaft. Use heat styling tools to straighten and De-frizz. 4.2 oz

  • Super Punk Gel is create for all hair types with ingredients that help protect and nurture it. of use. strong hold that helps maintain your hairstyle all day. It can be used before drying and after for greater support. which by its ingredients nourish and protect hair.

  • Take The Grey Away, This shampoo replace every day shampoo that gradually, discreetly over repeated daily use creating a film in the hair giving a dark appearance to the light reflection.. This color-free, sulfate-free shampoo with a mild fragrance is created from various herbs that allows a subtle change back to your original color gradually. It is gentle with the scalp that due to its ingredients helps dryness.great for regular maintenance for natural looking color. 16 fl. oz. 

  • Smoothie is a unique cream-ARGAN OIL formula that provides the effect of a keratin treatment until your next shampoo. The cream base weightless silky smoothness. use heat tools to straightening or let air-dry to tame frizz into curls. 8 oz.

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